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CLICK HERE to read the MARC GONZALEZ – The Road to 1,000 review.



“This was a delightful musical.  The lyrics, the music and the flow is so inspiring. The actors were fantastic! I was really touched and amazed that the essence of Dickens' novel could be translated so wonderfully in this form.”

Rich M.

"Jeffrey Scharf’s David Copperfield the New Musical was 100% delightful.  It would take someone with professional discernment to find any shortcomings with this show. As for me, I’m planning to see it again, on Broadway.”

Jack Herman

“Loved it. One of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time.”

Heidi Nicola


“Lots of fun. “Catchy, beautiful songs.”


“Great play. Loved the songs and acting. Wish it were longer. Honestly.”


“Tearful ending! Brilliant performances - all. Great voices and music. A little too long but don’t know what to cut. Overall? IMPRESSIVE!"

“We enjoyed this performance immensely. Totally engaging. The adult narration works wonderfully. Kept it flowing and cohesive. Loved the original music. Love the embodiment of the characters, Very memorable.”


“Thank you! What a great evening! I loved the music, the lyrics, choreography and acting. This musical has it all. I was happy to see the time left for the second act of the show that we would continue experiencing this ‘world’ for another hour.”


“Thought the exaggerated characters were perfect….Good blend of comic and serious.”


“This was brilliant! Congratulations! The story, the set, the voices - I can see this going to Broadway. Best thing I’ve seen here!"

“Brilliant musically!!! Perhaps a bit lengthy but otherwise a true hit that should gain much popularity and national recognition.”



Nancy Lenz


Songs that I loved so much they made me cry: “I am Home", "Darling Boy", "Always the Pleasure Was Mine”.

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